Marion A. Moon
Managing Director
Wanda Agriculture Group Limited, Kenya

Marion A. Moon <br> Managing Director <br>Wanda Agriculture Group Limited, Kenya

The Wanda Agriculture Group is a Kenyan agribusiness that focuses on solving the challenge of poor productivity and fragmented value chains by connecting farmers to market contracts, technical support and farm inputs. Over the years our growth has been very slow given the manual process we were following and were struggling to realize our potential. We then opted to digitize our operations and sought for a technology partner. After a rigorous sourcing process we opted to work with FarmLogics which is proving to be the right decision. FarmLogics have been true to the word ‘partner’ and have a very supportive, proactive and agile team that looks beyond what we have asked to what we need given their in-depth understanding of agriculture eco-systems. As our Technology Partner they have enabled us to grow faster than we have ever experienced. With these improved efficiencies we are noting reductions in costs and improved profitability and we are very excited about the future of our business and can now see how we can expand beyond Kenya. I highly recommending working with and partnering with FarmLogics.