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Farmlogics is the product of a young and dynamic group of individuals’ passion for customizing technology to enable sustainable, improved and responsible Farm to Fork processes. Farmlogics aims to add chapters of wholesome, ethical and traceable practices in the Global Farm Stories.

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FarmLogics, through years of research & analytics has been helping businesses streamline operations, cut costs & increase profitability.

With the various product offerings in line, we have simplified the hassles to achieve sustainable growth in Agriculture.

Choose from our End to End solutions & manage your Farming, procurement, supply chain and retail operations with unbelievable ease.


News & Blogs

  • Contract Farming
    The GOI passed three farm reform bills. This is on the backdrop of the Government’s ambitious plan of doubling the farm income by 2022. The bill allows India’s 80% small holder farmers much needed technology access, Financial inclusion and market linkage. It also eliminate the autonomy of APMC’s and the intermediaries. One …

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  • Farm Bill 2020: A Brief Scrutiny
    Even though 2020 was a year that was taken by the novel coronavirus, there was something else that shook our nation alongside the crisis. It was The Farm Bills of 2020. The reactions and after-effects of the bill were no different from that of a pandemic. Before we jump to the very …

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  • Cocoa Traceability – Importance Explained
    Knowing the roots of any product has become an essential part of enhancing the reliability factor in today’s market. This is why traceability becomes a very important and relevant standard these days for all kinds of products. Traceability is basically the ability to trace back a product to its roots and in …

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